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We offer you the best organic herbal treatments and natural remedies. All our products are approved and registered with the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).

We have studied the properties of natural herbs , their benefits and developed a unique range of Capsules, Tincture, Formula and dried herbs. We use scientific testing methods and modern day extraction processes to ensure the benefits of the herbs remain good and beneficial.
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We aim to help our patients bring their health back to life, to regain their self-healing potential, and to rediscover the healing remedies our mother Nature has given us for generations before.


We, as a society will not have to rely solely on the expensive chemicals and surgeries. We will have more affordable health care which integrates natural healing with modern medical science..


We only sell high quality health products! If you have an ailment, a health problem, or simply want to be healthy, we will help you choose herbal products, vitamins and supplements for better health


Your pathway to an ultimate life and health...‚Äč

People first discovering herbal medicine often express this feeling. They are amazed at the results they get, the lack of side effects, the no-dependence approach, and the number of health conditions they can heal with a given custom herbal formula. Many are also happy to find that they no longer need the pharmaceutical medications they have been taking for years.

We Are Commited To Protect And Enhance Healthy Living!

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What our Patients are Saying...
My husband also used the Lungs Disease treatment for chronic bronchitis formula, 2 times daily for few months. the treatment is incredible and we have told so many people about it.
- Allen Sophia
I was completely immobile due to my long term ALS condition. I was taking high doses of prednisone and anti-inflammatory medicines, which caused many bad side effects. After i started on your ALS herbal therapy, my condition has improved, my severe symptoms gradually stopped. Its been 13 months since treatment, i can never be thankful enough.
- Steve Richard
My Parkinson's disease symptoms have declined over a 3 months period of the PD Formula usage. I have my fingers crossed that all symptoms will go away. The last symptom, an occasional stiffness in my lower jaw at bedtime is almost gone. I am 68 and also do walking on a treadmill at 2 mph for 30 minutes everyday
- Alison Giovanni
I came across your website by chance, and started on the Formula treatment for my tremors. few weeks into the treatment my whole body felt more relaxed. As my treatment went along, my anxiety diminished, my hands shook less and less and less.
- Daniel Schneider
Living with the pain and stiff joints from osteoarthritis was an everyday occurrence, but when the pain became too great to ignore I sought help from Ultimate Health Clinic. Their formula and acupuncture treatments provided relief and enabled me to move much more freely. In addition to the effectiveness of the treatments
- Gloria Sanvi
I am just amazed at how effective your recommendations for my Type 2 Diabetes were, the treatment changed my life
- Mitchell
I appreciate the caring touch, holistic knowledge received. This has greatly improved the quality of my life
- Steve

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